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EVA GLORY provides our customers with a professional produce experiences and highly customized foam formulations. In addition to production through traditional manufacturing, we can also produce through foam injection technology to meet various needs of customers and enjoy high-quality services from development, technology to production.




EVA GLORY is a company specializing in foam and providing integrated foam production solutions. Our R&D team focuses on material development, product design, prototyping and testing, the team takes innovative concepts into full-scale production, with a wild range of foam material for extreme sports protections, industrial applications, medical care, fitness and leisure industries, also shoe-making businesses. We ensure all new products and materials are extensively tested, evaluated and optimized at each stage during the development process ahead of client trials and mass production. EVA GLORY offers both OEM and JDM service, we are highly experienced with customization development projects with clients and fully understand the importance of each specific application needs.

We can also provide you with

  • CNC service
  • Fabricating service
  • Laser cutting service
  • Hotwire cutting service
  • Thermo-molding service
  • Lamination service
  • Thermoforming service
  • Customized retailer package service


EVA GLORY is devoted to develop eco-friendly materials and create long-term sustainable practices that do more to respect the environment, the well-being of employees and the prospects of future generations.

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Outdoor Sports

EVA GLORY produces a variety of composite foam materials, which are waterproof, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to process. We have a foam material, namely protection foam: Nitrex, which is characterized by impact resistance, shock absorption, and durability. The important thing is that Nitrex is not only suitable for extreme weather from -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F), but also can maintain excellent protective function. in addition, Nitrex meets the performance requirements of EN1621 (motorcycle and winter sports), EN13158 (Equestrian), EN1077/1078 and NOCSAE helmets protection standards.

Our production technology has considerable flexibility. We can carry out traditional EVA foaming according to customer needs, or through injection molding production, which effectively and easily creates complex hollow 3D structure parts to achieve breathable and ergonomic foam products.


  • Protective gear:

    Knee braces for skiing, Knee pads for snowboarder, Hip butt pads, Back protection, Ice hockey protector, Winter sports protection, extreme activities(racing, BMX) protective equipment.

  • Mountaineering and hiking:

    Trekking poles, Safety harness belt pad, Backpack padding, Sleeping pad, Insulation pad.

  • Ski accessories:

    Cold/Warm storage bag, Ski pole, Waterproof mat.

  • Liner pad:

    Helmet inner, goggle liner.

If you want to develop a new foam product or want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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Indoor Activities

EVA GLORY is a highly customized foam manufacturer. For indoor activities, we provide ACR foam that is lightweight, highly resilient, soft, comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean. At the same time, ACR foam also has the characteristics of low-temperature resistance to solve the problem of foam hardening and embrittlement caused by a low-temperature environment. ACR foam is usually used on exercise mats and any function mats which you want.

At the same time, EVA GLORY has also developed an environmentally friendly series of recycled foam materials: Recycle Foam. We found that industrial recycled products containing 20%-30% recycled materials can still maintain physical properties and performance, thereby achieving the concept of sustainability and plastic reduction. Recycle Foam could be used in different applications, such as mats and indoor sports protector.


  • Indoor activities:

    Play mats, Function mats, Exercise equipment flooring.

  • Indoor Sports:

    Volleyball kneepad, Racket grip tape, Ice hockey protector.

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Fitness Sports

At EVA Glory, not only are we able to produce high quality closed cell foam to meet our customers’ requirements, we also have ability to recommend the best foam solution tailored to their needs. Moreover, we care deeply about the planet we live on. Therefore, we are committed to developing products that are in line with our philosophy of sustainable development and environmental protection. Over the years, we have successfully developed the biobased foam material: DeCoto that help reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by mitigating the use of petrochemical materials.

In addition to developing new materials, we also aim to achieve a sustainable, closed-loop production cycle by recycling plastic wastes to recreate EVA GLORY’s recycled foam material: Recycle foam The DeCoto foam and the Recycle foam are both highly versatile materials suitable for variety of production techniques such as compression molding, injection molding, lamination, CNC processing. As a result, they are widely applied in the production of fitness equipment, massage accessories, and various market applications.


  • Fitness equipment:

    Rolling / Folding Yoga mat, Exercise mat, Aerobic mat, Yoga block, Yoga wheel.

  • Massage accessories:

    Foot massage mat, Massage roller, Massage ball.

  • Floor mat:

    Gym floor mat, Martial arts mat, Judo mat.

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Impact proof, shock absorption, protection

Nitrex has excellent shock absorption, repeat impact resistance, and safety characteristics. Therefore, Nitrex won the International Innovation Award in 2021 for its comfort and shock absorption capabilities. In the same year, EVA GLORY also successfully developed a recycled protective foam (Nitrex RCX series) made from recycled Nitrex foam residues during processing and achieves plastic reduction, environmental protection, and safety.

Nitrex is suitable for various processing techniques, such as thermo-molding and thermoforming. In addition, it can be cut and stitch like fabrics. Nitrex can be manufactured by injection molding to create hollow 3D structure parts for breathability and ergonomic design.


  • Lightweight.
  • No PVC (IX, JX series).
  • Highly customizable.
  • Engineered to sustain repeated impact.
  • Nitrex can maintain its impact characteristics at a temperature ranging from -20°C to 40°C.
  • Meets impact and safety standards. (EN1621, EN13158, EN1077/1078, NOCSAE).
  • The solar energy helps powering the production of Nitrex and the factory’s power consumption.
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Decrease CO2 and Reduce fossil EVA Usage

DeCoto is eco-friendly biobased foam in which fossil EVA is replaced with biobased carbon. DeCoto is made from a wide range of renewable biobased feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, wood, agricultural waste, and recycled PE resins made of recycled waste plastic. DeCoto foam has the unique potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.


  • Reduce up to 23% CO2 emission. (It equals 18-40 trees CO2 in annual absorption.)
  • Biobased carbon content up to 90%.
  • DeCoto is certified under the Program’s Intermediates – Foams / Resins (22%) category.
  • DeCoto conforms to the OK Biobased 1 Star standard (biobased carbon content between 20% and 40%).
  • Replace fossil EVA/PE.
  • Use up to 50% renewable resources.
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Rethink, Redesign Replay

EVA GLORY focuses on the concept of sustainability. We change raw materials from their roots and actively recycle foam waste. At the same time, we’re committed to upcycling the recycled foam by enhancing its quality, application, and product life. We aim to realize the circular economy of foam products, creating a safe, harmless and balanced environment for mankind and the ecosystem.


  • Recycled foam materials and products, remake and upgrade.
  • Contains up to 30% recycled foam waste.
  • Extended product life cycle.
  • Reducing waste disposal by landfill and incineration.
  • Achieving the goal of recycling cycle.
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