Mar 1, 2022

DeCoto BioBased Foam by EVA GLORY

Biobased Foam: DeCoto

DeCoto [noun] /deˈkō.tu/, de-Co-too
Designed to reduce the use of fossil EVA, to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

DeCoto is eco-friendly biobased foam in which fossil EVA is replaced with biobased carbon. DeCoto is made from a wide range of renewable biobased feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, wood, agricultural waste, and recycled PE resins made of recycled waste plastic. Biobased materials have the unique potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or even be carbon neutral.

The DeCoto is certified under the Program's Intermediates - Foams/Plastic Resins (22%) category. Additionally, the DeCoto DE/DES foam also conforms to the OK Biobased 1Star standard (biobased carbon content between 20% and 40%).



DeCoto is made from a wide range of renewable biobased feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, wood, and agricultural waste.


Replacing the dependence on petrochemical raw materials that produce harmful and toxic substances in production, so as to achieve environmental protection and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.


Our DeCoto biobased materials are made from renewable biobased raw materials, which can absorb CO2 during the growth of renewable plants, and due to the reduction in the use of fossil fuel, CO2 emissions can be decreased by up to 23%. The amount of decreased CO2 equals 18-40 trees CO2 in annual absorption.


DeCoto contains up to 50% renewable biobased materials. In addition, we also use solar panels as alternative energy sources for fossil fuels. It can effectively achieve the results of recycling and production using renewable energy.

DeCoto series

Series Description and Features
Compression Molding
DE/DES foam
Made from renewable raw materials and recycled PE resins which are made of recycled waste plastics. It has the characteristics of thermo-moldable and easy fabrication.
Double Expansion
DUS foam
Made of renewable biobased materials, and undergone the Double Expansion foaming technology that gives the DUS foam a much lighter density.
Physically Cross-Linked
DXS foam
Made with LDPE, EVA, and renewable raw materials. It has a closed-cell structure and is non-toxic, odorless.
Biobased Resins
WB/WE Resins
Compounded from a wide spectrum of renewable biobased feedstock and plant-based ethanol. They are emerging raw materials as sustainable alternatives for petrochemical EVA/PE.

DeCoto Bio Based Foam by EVA GLORY

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