Celebrating 50 Years In The Foam Business.

EVA GLORY is a company specializing in foam and providing integrated foam production solutions. Our R&D team focuses on material development, product design, prototyping and testing, the team takes innovative concepts into full-scale production, with a wild range of foam material for extreme sports protections, industrial applications, medical care, fitness and leisure industries, also shoe-making businesses. We ensure all new products and materials are extensively tested, evaluated and optimized at each stage during the development process ahead of client trials and mass production. EVA GLORY offers both ODM and OEM service, we are highly experienced with customization development projects with clients and fully understand the importance of each specific application needs.

we are also partnered with our foam fabricators to provide you:

  • CNC service
  • Laser cutting service
  • Thermo-molding service
  • Thermoforming service
  • Fabricating service
  • Hotwire cutting service
  • Lamination service
  • Customized retailer package service


EVA GLORY is devoted to develop eco-friendly materials and create long-term sustainable practices that do more to respect the environment, the well-being of employees and the prospects of future generations.

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