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  • Nitrex

    The Ultimate Shockproof Protection

    Nitrex is a shock absorption foam material widely used in sports protection, our shock absorption property is engineered for repeated impact and always meets the requirement of the regulation.

  • DeCO2

    Decrease CO2 and Reduce Petroleum Usage

    DeCO2 is an eco-friendly biobased foam with up to 30% biobased carbon content. It conforms to USDA BioPreferred Program under foam intermediates (22%) category.

  • Recycle Foam

    Recycle. Reused. Rebirth.

    We recycle our foam sheets trimming leftover and the residues from our fabricators to give them a second life without comprising their functional properties.

  • Foam Injection

    For curvey and complex shape foam

    We are capable of eject our shock absorption material – Nitrex and our latest eco-friendly foam material – DeCoto.

  • EVA / PE

    All-purpose closed-cell foam

    EVA/PE blend series is a closed-cell foam material compounded from PE and EVA resin with different ratios. We can develop the compound to customer's special applications.

  • Rubalon

    Durable like rubber, yet 50% lighter.

    Rubalon is an EVA blended foam with a rubber-like durability character and is lighter by 50% compare to rubber foam. Superior abrasion-resistant, Good rebound, and Excellent cushion.

  • ACR / Neoflex

    Excellent in elasticity and flexibility.

    ACR Foam

    The most popular and diverse EVA/TPE blend foam, it is the best alternative of Neoprene/CR.


    Neoflex is a high cushion EVA foam blended with POE as a functional additive to give its stronger tensile, elongation, tear strength, and good compression set.

  • Enhanced and Customized Foam

    We offer special blend formulas for specific properties. Send us your request.

    Conductive / ESD / Anti-static



    Flame retardant


    Molded Pattern and Waffle

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