Innovation, Intellectual, and Inspiring.

R&D at EVA GLORY always stays ahead of the foam making industries, we focus on developing innovative foam materials, also work seamlessly with clients to offer our 50-year-in-the-business experiences and knowledge for the best material solutions.

From ideas to prototype compound, from early trials to actual production, EVA GLORY is making sure our products are extensively tested, evaluated and optimized at each stage during the development process within our in-house lab before sending them to third-party testing for the performance and properties.

We develop strong partnerships with our clients. EVA GLORY is no doubt an expert in creating mixture compounds for clients’ special needs and we continuously launch new compounds using the latest technologies. Our R&D allows EVA GLORY to stay ahead of its competition. Our dedicated teams consistently develop our innovation portfolio and have more than thirty patents over the last decades and the number is increasing.

R&D Process

  • 1
    Inquiry & Market Research

    From customers' inquiry and market need, gathering information to develop for next step.

  • 2
    Systematic Analysis

    Verifying core function to be matched with our recommended foam material.

  • 3
    Development Project Initiating

    Selected material, equipment and process to step by step achieve the final goal.

  • 4
    Control and monitor by lab testing

    Continuously verified with lab test to ensure the outcome.

  • 5
    Sampling Phase

    Confirm Sample to match key factors and with customer acceptance. Confirm product is accordance with certified standards.

  • 6
    Mass Production

    Effectively manufacture with strict quality control to make sure all product is in good quality.

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