Feb 24, 2020



deck and EVA. Oh Yeah! We ship them!

Made from durable, closed-cell PE and EVA foam. deva from Eva-Glory is designed specifically for marine applications, which offers safe and comfortable alternatives to marine traction products. deva foam can also apply to surfboard traction pads, anti-slip surfaces at SPAs, pools, and indoor water sports activities.

+ plank-look decking alternative

+ UV resistant - Long lasting and easy maintenance

+ Anti-slip and non-absorbing - Exceptional traction, even when wet

+ Reduces noise - Ideal for fishermen

+ Shock absorption - Superior comfort when standing, walking, or leaning on boat surfaces, it also has the anti-fatigue characteristics

+ Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips, and dents

Finish: Laminated dual layer - brushed on both sides

Colour: Single or Dual - sheets reversible (customized colors available)

devaStandard Size
(Asker C)
Compression Set
Water Absorption
DV100 216 x 114 40-50 0.110-0.150 < 16 < 0.002
DV150 216 x 114 50-60 0.145-0.180 < 10 < 0.002
DV200 213 x 106 60-75 0.190-0.230 < 9 < 0.002


Soft to the touch, suitable for surfboard traction pads, indoor water sports, or SPA facility.


Use on the swim platforms of boats, the cockpit of yachts.


Best performance, DV200 has higher UV resistance and is more durable.

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