EVA GLORY exports cow mattress over 30 years.

The sales regions throughout Europe, America, Japan, Canada --- other 23 countries, has so far sold more than millions of animal’s mats. The excellent quality and customer service win the favor and trust. After years of efforts, our turnover continued to grow in the market and has become the first choice to buy.

Ion Silver anti-bacterial technology

Animal mat new and innovative anti-bacterial stable matting is impregnated with Silver Ion Technology to offer increased protection against infections and disease. Silver is a natural antibacterial that kills bacteria, fungi and yeast by interfering with the metabolism necessary for respiration of these microbes.


  • Cow Mats

  • Stable Mats

  • Horse Stable Flooring

  • Wall Mats

  • Saddle pad

  • Horse Belt

  • Bell boots

  • Splint boot

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