Alternative energy sources for fossil fuels SOLAR PANELS

Hope you are keeping safe and staying well for 2021.

Today, we are excited to share with you the news that our long-planned new Chiayi plant has finally been completed in 2021!

Since the launch of our proprietary biobased foam materials – the DECOTO foam, we have discovered that there has been a profound resonance for eco-friendly materials and environmental protection, worldwide. Hence, we were determined more than ever set up solar panels in our Chiayi plant as an alternative energy resource for fossil fuels. These solar panels provide not only the required in-house electricity but also the energy needed for our foam production lines.

According to our Green Energy report, our new Chiayi plant's solar panels can generate 850kWp of electricity per month. To put it into perspective, in Taiwan, a single household consumes, on average, 287kWh per month – EVA Glory's Chiayi plant can support three households' power consumption every month. In other words, if a Tesla needs 76kWh to be fully charged, then we can fill up 10 to 11 Teslas, easily!

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