Product Name : Foam Injection
Product Introduction


Our R&D team works closely with you throughout the development of your project from compounding the foam injection material and the technical support for building the right tooling for the job, to the final production stage in Taiwan. EVA GLORY will work relentlessly to achieve and exceed your expectations.

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    EVA Glory specializes in foam injection with a wide range of foam formulations. We develop and produce various foam compounds for injection, especially our proprietary shock absorption and biobased formulations. With 50 years of experience and expertise, we are confident in providing the right consultation for our clients in selecting the best injection-molded foam materials that best suit their design purpose and requirement.

    • Nitrex – Protection foam
    • DeCoto – Biobased materials
    • Specialty-blend formulations – Anti-bacterial / Anti-UV / Flame retardant / ESD

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    We not only provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services but are also adept in offering ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and JDM (Join Design & Development Manufacture) services to you. Our teams of experts work closely with you to support you through any or every step of your product development process. EVA Glory is aimed to achieve and exceed your expectations by utilizing our professional resources in synergy with yours to achieve the best result.

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    To meet with various prototyping requirements and conditions, EVA Glory can utilize 3D printing technology or conventional molding process to demonstrate the most complete product appearance and quality without worrying about the difference between prototypes and final products.

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    We have professional mold design capabilities and select the most appropriate mold to suit different manufacturing conditions and requirements. For different forms and shapes, we can custom design and build unique tooling for the right job.

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    Foam injection is ideal for producing complex structures, such as curves and spheres that are difficult to achieve while using conventional converting techniques like thermoforming or CNC process, which can be both time consuming and cost intensive. Using foam injection not only increases production output with faster cycle time but also decreases the waste of raw materials.

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