Product Name : Foam Injection
Product Introduction

Foam Injection

EVA GLORY is specializing in foam injection with a wide range of foam formulations. Foam injection is ideal for complex structures, such as curves and spheres that are difficult to achieve while using the traditional thermos-molding, thermoforming or CNC processes. Foam injection can also decrease the wastes of material, with faster cycle time and higher yields.


Our R&D team works closely with clients through the engineering development of your project for the injection, from the formulations of the material and the molding technical support to its final production in Taiwan.


We develop and produce various foam compounds for injection, especially our shock absorption and biobased formulations. We use our years' experience and expertise to advise our clients selecting the best injection molded foam material for your design and adjust the density and harness to meet your requirement.

  • Nitrex - Shock absorption foam for protection
  • DeCoto – biobased materials
  • Specialty blend formulations - Anti-bacterial / Anti-UV / Flame retardant / ESD
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