Product Name : Recycled Foam
Product Introduction

Current status of 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

According to the US EPA data, the proportion of plastic recycling was less than 9% in 2018. The reason was that most products that were recycled and remanufactured were downcycling as secondary products or decorative items, etc. Although the end-life of the product is prolonged which helps to reduce the problem of one-time usage, however, the products ultimately end up in landfills and incinerators.

Plastics Waste Management of 1960-2018

The Idea of Recycling Foam: Rethink, Redesign, Replay

In order to protect the global environment, EVA GLORY combines the concepts of Technical Cycle (Cradle to Cradle) and 3R policy to form our own recycling-foam strategies: Rethink, Redesign, Replay; so that waste products/foams can be more effectively reused and upcycled. Thereby changing the final life of the product/foam (landfill, incineration), and achieving the goals of environmental protection and plastic reduction.

Recycled foam cycle

EVA GLORY focuses on product value and upcycling of recycled foam materials, In addition to using traceable raw materials, we offer extensive development experience in upcycling recycled foam materials/products, and infusing them with greater versatility, durability, and high use-value. EVA GLORY is committed to establishing a closed-loop foam material/product recycling cycle that contributes to the sustainability, safety, and balance of the environment.

EVA GLORY decided to reduce the use of limited energy and renewable resources by changing the sources of raw material and reduce the emission of toxic substances during the production process. At the same time, through continuous testing and experience accumulation, we found that industrial recycled products containing 20%-30% recycled material can still maintain similar physical properties and performance as products made from virgin materials. Thus, through creative and innovative upcycling approaches, we ‘replay’ foam scraps and residues to create new products of higher quality and value than the original.

Recycle foam technology

Our recycled foam comes from 2 types of recycling processes, Physical Recycling and Chemical recycling.

2 recycling processes:

TechnologyTypeDescription and Features

Physical Recycle

Compressed Remanufacturing

Foam wastes are recycled for the grinding process to turn them into small particulates and then compressed into recycled foam blocks and slabs.

Chemical Recycle

Compound Remanufacturing

Contains up to 30% recycled foam residues, which were reprocessed into resins and added back into the compound to produce new recycled foam sheets.

Recycle PE Resins

Recycled PE resins are added to the foam production, and then compounded to produce a new foam.

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