DeCoto Biobased Foam

The biobased foam material not only achieves carbon reduction and environmental protection but also can be applied to a variety of needs.
The application of DeCoto Biobased Foam is the same as the general EVA foam; however, DeCoto foam differentiates itself from ordinary EVA foam because it is a composite of renewable materials (bamboo, wood, rice husk) and recycled plastic resin, which is sustainable, carbon-reducing, and environmentally friendly.

DeCoto Bio Based Foam by EVA GLORY▲2022 new catalog – Biobased foam DeCoto

We’ve successfully expanded DeCoto biobased foam categories by incorporating different foaming techniques such as Double Expansion Foaming and Physically Cross-linked Foaming. Furthermore, we also offer Biobased resins for a variety of applications:

Density (g/cm3) 0.06-0.59 0.03-0.06 0.03-0.45 Adjust as needed
Thickness (mm) 50 100 12 Adjust as needed
Foam structure Closed-cell Closed-cell Closed-cell Adjust as needed
Application ✔ Fitness accessories.
✔ Sports accessories.
✔ Yoga accessories.
✔ Massage accessories.
✔ Protection pads.
✔ Protection pads.
✔ Water (sports) equipment.
✔ Outdoor pads.
✔ Liner pads.
✔ Doesn't limit the scope of application.
▲The specification can be adjusted depending on foam formulation and application.

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