Product Name : ACR / Neoflex
Product Introduction

ACR Foam

Most popular and diverse EVA/TPE blend foam, it is the best alternative of Neoprene/CR.
Excellent resilience, No PVC, No LATEX and No Phthalates nor heavy metal. ACR foam will not absorb moisture and so prevent bacteria or fungal growth. More hygienic and ideal to serve infection control purpose in medical applications. Excellent hand-feel of ACR foam is featured for good hand feel and comfort. It is widely used in gloves liner, yoga mats and medical devices. ACR foam naturally gives a very good light weight feature, it is perfect for medical and sports application and no need to worry the weight of ACR foam becoming a burden to the end-user. Wetsuit for water sports.

Neoflex is a high cushion, EVA POE blend foam sheet. NEOFLEX foam is made of the metallocene POE elastomer blended with EVA and / or rubber polymer.

  • Excellent in elasticity flexibility
  • Superior in cushion
  • 20~50% stronger than EVA in tensile, elongation, tear strength, and good compression set
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