Product Name : Enhanced and Customized Foam
Product Introduction

We offer special blend formulas for specific properties. Send us your request.

Conductive/ ESD / Anti-static

ESD foam is closed-cell and is available in 3 grades. Permanently conductive / static discharge/ anti-static effect. Anti-Static Grade can be produced in bright colors.

Volume resistivity

  • Anti-Static - 1x109 – 9x1012 Ω
  • Electro Static Discharge - 1x106 – 9x109 Ω
  • Conductive - 1x104 – 9x106 Ω


We offer both organic and inorganic antimicrobials to the foam. The silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent which is the highest grade of an anti-bacteria agent from Japan with SIAA certifications. Foams treated with antibacterial additives will help to keep them fresh, clean, and odor-free.


Anti-UV additives can be added to effectively enhance the foam UV resistant up to 2000 hours, improving the foam's weathering resistance. Anti-UV foam can be used in the shoe industry, marine products, extreme sports, and outdoor activity gears.

Flame retardant

Flammability test is one of the most important in the foam material industry to ensure the use of product safety. We can modify our compound to meet the requirement of UL94HF1/HBF, CNS7614, and FMVSS.302 Automobile Internal Decoration Flammability Test. Our foam can be applied in different markets, such as furniture, automotive, medical, and electronics industries.


The multicolor EVA foam has 3 kinds of color design, multi-pebble, marble, and swirl style respectively. Each color design can be supplied with a specific compound & hardness to comply with the customer's request.

Molded Pattern and Waffle

Ventilation waffle foam is one of the best choices for premium functional insole and high-performance body protection gear because the pattern of Ventilation waffle could boost your body's natural cooling process by allowing perspiration vapor to escape, keep you always stay in cool.

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