Product Name : EVA / PE
Product Introduction

All purpose closed-cell foam

EVA/PE series are mid/high density closed-cell foam material mainly compounded from PE and EVA resin. There are more than 100 compounds in EVA/PE foam series, and each compound has its own relevant physical properties.

Customized Supply - We can develop the compound to customer's special applications. We can supply EVA/PE foam either in sheet form or in rolls. It is a butt-joint roll, and only available by hardness under 50 asker c gauge.

  • Wide range availability,hardness(Durometer) available from
  • 10~85 durometer by Asker C gauge or
  • 35~90 durometer by Shore 00 gauge or
  • 5~70 durometer by Shore A gauge
  • Density available from 0.05~0.50 g/cm3 (3Lbs~31Lbs)
  • Sheet size available from 1~2.5 M2/each sheet
  • Thickness available from 1mm~50mm

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