Product Name : EVA/PE
Product Introduction

All-Purpose Closed-Cell Foam

EVA/PE series are low to high density closed-cell foam material mainly compounded from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and PE (Polyethylene) resins. There are more than 100 compounds in EVA/PE foam series, and each compound has its own characteristic physical properties. In general, our EVA/PE series is lightweight and resilient, the foam appearance can be modified according to your product's requirements such as texture, color, and size.


  • Waterproof and Moisture-proof
  • Excellent Soundproofing Material
  • Lightweight and High Buoyancy
  • Thermal Insulation with the applicable temperatures ranging from -40℃~90℃
  • Resilience and Tension Resistance for good cushioning and protection performance
  • Acid and Alkali Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, and High Durability
  • Easy To Process: Thermoforming (cold mold forming), Thermo-molding (hot mold forming), Cutting, Die Cutting, Roughing, Splicing, Lamination, Printing, Laser Engraving, and Adhesive Backing
  • SGS tested for restricted chemical substances test and PH value test

Compound Customization

We can work jointly with you to develop customized compounds that meet your specific applications, and we can ship EVA/PE foams in stacking sheets or in rolls. EVA Glory offers a wide range of hardness(Durometer)scales with various density levels.

  • 10~85 durometer by Asker C gauge (Butt-joint roll is only available for hardness under 50 Asker C gauge.)
  • 35~90 durometer by Shore 00 gauge
  • 5~70 durometer by Shore A gauge
  • Density available from 0.05~0.50 g/cm3 (3Lbs~31Lbs)
  • Sheet size available from 1~2.5 M2 per sheet
  • Thickness available from 1mm~100mm (depending on compound condition)


  • Outdoor and Marine

    Marine Decking, Traction Pads, Kickboard, Stepping Pad, Water Sports Equipment and Facilities, Backpack Pads, Cooling Box and Bag

  • Athletic and Leisure Equipment

    Yoga Mats and Accessories, Massage Rollers, Sports/Martial Arts Flooring, Fitness Equipment

  • Protection Equipment

    Bike and Motorsports Protectors, Baseball and Football Protectors, Mountaineering and Whitewater Sports Protectors, Knee/Kneeling Pads for work, Kneeling Pads, Equestrian Sports

  • Medical and Healthcare

    CNC Milling Blocks, Orthopedic Insoles, Prosthesis, Neck Supporters

  • Industrial

    Car Washing Machine Strips, Cushion Material

  • Footwear

    Footwear Insoles / Outsole / Midsoles, Heel Stable Pieces, and Orthopedic Footwear Material

  • Home Improvement/Artistry/Pet Care

    Wall Panels, Sound Damping Underlayment, Costume/Cosplay Props, Dog Crate Pads

If you have any special requirements or specifications about our EVA/PE foam materials, please feel free to contact us.

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